The Constellations of Sleepless Nights

The Constellations of Sleepless Nights


My boyfriend listens to the cosmos while he sleeps.

Podcasts whisper supernovas and nebulas into his dreams.

I listen to the dog snuffle and groan as he stretches.

The clock ticking. The itch on my foot. The rattle of the window. .

The endlessly circular thoughts that reel while I wait for sleep.


Can I dip a toe into your lunar lakes please?

Take me on a planetary journey, slip me astride a star.

Let me disappear into a baffling web of constellations.

Red dwarfs and rogue black holes, a bewilderment of things I delight in naming.

Free me from this all too grounded bed and set me off to wander infinity.


His arm reaches out and pulls me closer, wraps me in a tight, still asleep embrace.

My galactical journeys fade into the comfort of his breath behind me, safety.

The quiet breathing, the grumbling dog. The clock’s repetition soothes.

The wind outside, jealous of my warm and cosy spot, can rattle on.

Earthly pleasures are quite enough indeed for me.

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