F*uck, I Want To Do It All.

The problem is not that I’m lazy or uninspired.

The problem doesn’t lie in dispassion or fear.

Hell, I’ve jumped off cliffs, blindly—

I surrendered into this life with no idea where

My stumbling steps would go.

The issue isn’t that I’m broke or a single mother.

(There’s a million things we can cheaply do together).

The only sticking point left is time;

The world so vast and every moment blessed

The joy encompassed in a bite of tender mango

Or a plane flight equally enthralling. A meal cooked—

Liam and I together, a stack of books, a cup of tea

Maps to pour over, ideas to discuss, a lover to hug

Every second a rejoicement. An ecstasy of things to come!

See here: the only problem is time—

And all we can do it fill it with more and more splendid happenings

And catch our sweet breath in the sacred spaces in between.


Published by Keeley Milne

Keeley Milne has an irrepressible joie de vivre. She is most content when with her son Liam, a pile of books, or in the woods—and best yet all three at once. She loves to run marathons in other countries, go on solo adventures, and drink a perfect cup of coffee. She is a voracious reader and loves to write, listen, and laugh. Keeley makes her home in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where she is completing an English degree, going for runs in the coulees, and hugging Liam as much as she can, every day. You can connect with Keeley on her Facebook here, on Instagram, or Tumblr.

One thought on “F*uck, I Want To Do It All.

  1. Love your words. I think there are varieties of depression. Existential angst vs loss of girlfriend, for example. Ego at the center. Loneliness is a shroud that insulates even in crowds of loving admirers. No easy remedies.


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