Breathe By Me.


when I was drinking

late at night

in between getting up for swigs to

quell the shakes

I used to listen to your breathing

my love

and think


this is probably the last night

the last time he’ll breathe beside me

I love him but I’ll lose him

(and I did, for a while)

I had already lost so many things

and the few I had left

were perched, swaying

and the tipping, tumbling over the edge

into the abyss of loss

was inevitable.



when you fall asleep before me

I listen to your breathing

and it reminds me

to thank god, the universe, the powers that be

whatever I call the great beyond

for every moment

a life

a child

a love

a full heart

a roof

a second chance.


Published by Keeley Milne

Keeley Milne has an irrepressible joie de vivre. She is most content when with her son Liam, a pile of books, or in the woods—and best yet all three at once. She loves to run marathons in other countries, go on solo adventures, and drink a perfect cup of coffee. She is a voracious reader and loves to write, listen, and laugh. Keeley makes her home in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where she is completing an English degree, going for runs in the coulees, and hugging Liam as much as she can, every day. You can connect with Keeley on her Facebook here, on Instagram, or Tumblr.

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