Deliciously Lost.

Deliciously Lost.


I am deliciously lost in my own life.

I have begun again,

and in beginning,

taken the world astride, anew.

My world is awash with colour,

senses heightened and

I go from one bedazzlement to another.

This life I was so prepared to throw away.

To leave behind, to surrender to shadows

darkness, oblivion.

Waking up in the morning was punishment,

I felt.

Now I want to know:

How will this story end,

or rather, continue?

What happens next—

will she stay in love forever,

get married, hike the Appalachian Trail, learn to play chess,

what next adventure will her and Liam have?

Where will Liam go to university, will she publish her book,

how will she get through the dark days?

I worry this is self-centered, this

marveling at my own life.

But perhaps it is the purest

form of gratitude—to be joyously enraptured with

one’s own multitude of blessings.

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