Let Me Be Alone, Just For Tonight. {Poem}

 woman alone

Tonight, I am alone.

My usual beloved ones all safe in their various spots

I don’t have to worry or consider anything or anyone.

Most days I fall asleep late, lunches packed,

my son tucked in, teeth brushed, checked on.

A cat on my head and a dog under the bed,

my love’s arms wrapped around me.

Exquisite, all, but

tonight I embrace my own company.

Take off the day like a too-heavy sweater

turn on music, dance a little alone and happy in this skin.

I run through the hills for an hour at dusk and return to tea and books,

luxuriate in each bite of a gift of chocolate cake without

voices clamouring for some, too, or piles of dishes to be washed.

This rare treat, to be savoured. I adore my company.

I am a good date, for me.

But by morning I will wake in an all-too-quiet house,

wait anxiously to hear Liam’s feet outside as he runs over from his Dad’s.

“Did you make us scrambled eggs?”

“What did you do  without me all night?” “What are you thinking about?”

I rejoice in this uneven tapestry.

Savour the rare moments alone so I can

be consumed with delight when the delicious clamour begins again.

A few hours alone smooths my roughened edges,

lets me be full to the brim with love

at sweet voices, crumbs everywhere, a cat snatching at my ankles.

This blessed, busy life.


Published by Keeley Milne

Keeley Milne has an irrepressible joie de vivre. She is most content when with her son Liam, a pile of books, or in the woods—and best yet all three at once. She loves to run marathons in other countries, go on solo adventures, and drink a perfect cup of coffee. She is a voracious reader and loves to write, listen, and laugh. Keeley makes her home in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where she is completing an English degree, going for runs in the coulees, and hugging Liam as much as she can, every day. You can connect with Keeley on her Facebook here, on Instagram, or Tumblr.

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