This Morning-I Forgot, Uncategorized

This Morning, I Forgot.

I woke late, today.

Rushed to get my son ready, pack his lunch, my lunch.

Cursing myself and already overwhelmed by the day.

Full of foreboding—papers due, appointments, reminders, a run

A cheerful face

That must be presented everywhere.


How swiftly we forget.

A year ago I had no home.

No son to wake or prepare lunch for, no papers due

No run to go on, no emails to write.

Because I wasn’t embarking on a degree or preparing for a race.

I wasn’t waking my sleeping child (oh sweet blessing, to get to do this)

To prepare him for his day.

I was just half-heartedly trying

To stay in this life. This realm on earth.


This morning I frantically checked my emails,

Texts, calendar, schedule, and found

A friend had sent a note saying how much she loved my words

And other kindnesses that shook me awake.

My mom had called to say

she loved me. My son hugged me fiercely tight

And bounced to school

Emanating joy.


I am so sorry, world, for losing sight

Even for a moment, how wondrous, full, and rich you are

How lucky I am,

How the tasks laid before me are

Gifts—each one ripe to be opened, tasted, treasured

Dealt with lovingly.


I remember, now.

Look, now as I move into

This day with grace and strength.


A heart considerate of others

And so much awe at what I am given.

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